About Smash

Smash! is a brand of clothes and accessories within the "Happy Barcelona Style”. At Smash we abhor boredom, and we think every woman deserves to dress in an original way every day of the week. We want to dress them according to their spirit, the Smash spirit. The concept of original and affordable fashion was born in the streets of Amsterdam between music, friends and a hippie spirit. An idea that moved to Barcelona in 2004 absorbing the air of cosmopolitan, Mediterranean, innovative and cheerful city; the Happy Barcelona Style was born. Our clothes speak for themselves.

Forward order stockists benefit from a wide selection of in-season stock for immediate delivery to ensure the product in store is always fresh and new.
Our retailers also benefit from fantastic mark ups and with 50% of the collection retailing under £50 with no packs, its easy to see why Smash is one of Europe fastest growing brands.


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